Troy Evans Candidate for Caulfield


Troy is running as a candidate in the seat of Caulfield in order to give a voice to those animals who, for too long, have had the nature of their lives and, ultimately, their deaths, determined by those who do not have their interests at heart.

Eager to see the end of brutal blood sports, such as duck hunting, as well as the banning of cruel confinement systems like battery cages, he recognises that the most effective route to achieving real change for these vulnerable individuals is through the passing of legislation.

Troy is a writer and editor in the tourism industry who became vegan in 2016 after seeing the harrowing reality that animals face on a daily basis as prisoners of Australia’s agricultural, sporting and research industries.

Troy has lived in Elsternwick for the last four years, and having recently returned to study, has committed himself to utilising his current and future skills in the continual service of animals.


You can contact Troy by emailing him at




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