Two Dogs Killed Weekly On Victorian Race Tracks, Classed As ‘Retired’

Media Release
Tuesday 19 July

An independent analysis of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) race day reports has found that 58 greyhounds were euthanised at the race track in the first half of 2016 and are now classified ‘retired’ on GRV’s database.
“The industry has long romanticised itself by portraying greyhound racing as a sport,” said Dr Eleonora Gullone, founder of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG).
“How many other sports kill two athletes per week?”
The youngest of these euthanised dogs was just 22 months old, and the oldest merely four and a half years old – not even half of a greyhound’s natural lifespan.
“The racing injuries that led to euthanasia ranged from a fractured metacarpal to fatal head trauma, but the most common that we saw were broken legs.” said Dr Gullone.
“The lack of detail in the stewards reports means it is not clear whether all of these injuries were unfixable and euthanasia was the only option.”
Disturbingly, all of the dogs whose deaths were recorded by GRV stewards in race day reports are now listed as ‘retired’ on GRV’s Fasttrack database.
“We don’t know if this is just sloppy recording or a blatant attempt on GRV’s part to hide the true cost of racing.” said Dr Gullone. “What we do know is that greyhound racing kills – not just on the track, but also away from it.”
“A quick search on the internet will show you that Victoria’s racing industry breeds more greyhounds in a single year than it has managed to rehome in 20 years.”
“It is time for Victoria to look more closely at the industry, as they have done in New South Wales. As with NSW, it is difficult to imagine how a solution can be arrived at where the industry’s “wastage” will ever be socially acceptable in Australian modern society.”
Victorian greyhound lovers will gather in honour of these slaughtered dogs at 11.00am on 24 July (Sunday) on the steps of Parliament House, Melbourne city. Media welcome.

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