Terri Beech Upper House Lead Candidate Western Metro Region


Terri Beech grew up in Altona North and now lives in Hoppers Crossing with her husband Rod, son Zackary and Jack Russell Terrier Billie.  Terri has worked for the same company for over 30 years, a family run business in West Footscray.  She is the Regional Group Leader for the Western Metro Area of the Animal Justice Party.

Terri is very active in the animal rights movement in Victoria and has been involved with many groups attending vigils at slaughterhouses,  rallies and also rescues including “Rocket”, rescued from a chicken slaughterhouse in 2017.   From photographing images to raising public awareness and bearing witness to animals on their way to death, she has been a passionate advocate for animal rights for many years.

Terri has a particular interest in the “Ban Live Exports” cause, having a solid connection back in 2011 when the news of cattle exported to Indonesia hit the headlines, and the cruelty inflicted really hit her, she became vegetarian in May 2011, and it has been her promise to herself, that she would continue to fight to have this evil trade banned and she believes that since joining the Animal Justice Party this is now a possibility, and if anyone can do it, the AJP can.  These animals need a voice in parliament, and the AJP will be the ones to give them that.


You can contact Terri by emailing her at terri.beech.ajp@gmail.com




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