Andy Meddick lead candidate for Western Region Upper House


Andy Meddick is an Animal Justice Party member and volunteer who lives on the Surf Coast in Victoria. He is also the AJP’s Western Regional Group Leader in Victoria, and has been a tireless campaigner for the rights of all non-human animals, as well as being an advocate for greater protection for Australian Native wildlife protection in the region.

Andy has run in both State and Federal elections, and has been one of the most vocal and public opponents of the exploitation of Australia’s marine animals, including being a guest speaker at several large public rallies held to protest the Geelong Star Super Trawler and what he sees as the inaction and lack of will from Government to protect Australia’s marine environment.

He is involved with many Animal Advocacy groups and speaks regularly at public meetings on animal rights and welfare, as well as on 3CR’s Freedom Of Species program. He believes it is everyone’s responsibility to defend and speak out for those who have no voice, the animals we share our land, air and oceans with.

The banning of Duck Shooting Season, Jumps Racing and the establishment of an Independent Office Of Animal Welfare are all key objectives of Andy’s work, however the banning of 1080 poison nationally remains the issue that he has fought longest, and is determined to see it happen.

The shutting down of the Greyhound Industry, and the banning of animal circuses and rodeos are also issues Andy campaigns strongly on. Andy has been with the AJP since it’s early days and he has been involved at State Committee level as well as being involved in policy making, negotiations with other parties and politicians, and overseen the growth and direction of the Western Regional Group, as well as guiding the growth of the now independent Ballarat Sub-Branch.

“Much has been accomplished by our Party in such a short time, but there is so much more to do, and I will continue to work for the lives of those who are the most exploited and marginalised residents of Victoria, the non-human animals we occupy the land, sea and air with, and who are affected by our decisions but have no say in them.”

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  • Marilyn Price
    commented 2018-11-25 08:34:10 +1100
    Thank you Andy