Jen Gamble second candidate for Western Region Upper House


Jen Gamble is standing as a candidate because of the lack of recognition and action on animal welfare issues by the current government.  Despite public outcry every year and polls indicating that the majority of Victorians want a ban on recreational duck shooting and jumps racing, Victoria continues to have a season of each of these so-called ‘sports’ every autumn and winter.  Jen wants the 2018 seasons to be the last.

Jen will be fighting for an end to kangaroo culling, greyhound racing, jumps racing and duck shooting. She wants to see no more waterbirds killed on our wetlands as ‘collateral damage’ to shooters inability to correctly identify species.  No more slaughter of ducks in the name of ‘hunting for food’, only for rescuers to find whole birds left abandoned.  Jen laws were tinkered with by the Minister to give the appearance of change, it has achieved nothing.

Within Western Victoria Jen believes better management of beaches and dunes to protect the hooded plover is needed.  These endangered and delightful birds are declining in numbers at an alarming rate and soon we will have lost them from our coastline forever.  Jen believes we must act to protect their habitat. 

Jen is vegan and a wildlife rescuer.  When she is not working as a theatre nurse she is tending to injured wildlife and transporting them to veterinary and foster care.  Jen also volunteers for duck rescue on the wetlands and at a local shelter for cats and dogs. She is also involved in animal activism for a number of groups in Geelong and Melbourne.

You can contact Jen by emailing her at

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