World Environment Day. Throw Another Planet On The Barbie!

Media Release
Sunday 5 June 2016

In only its second Federal election, the Animal Justice Party wants to position itself as greener than Green for World Environment Day, according to Bruce Poon, the party’s Lead Senate Candidate in Victoria. “Kinder and greener” is how Poon describes the party.

“Our farmed animals are a bigger source of warming than all our coal fired power stations put together, but the Animal Justice Party is the only political party who gets it.”

Australia has 28 million cattle and 70 million sheep producing prodigious amounts of methane. According to NASA climate scientists, a tonne of methane generates 105 times the warming [2] of a tonne of carbon dioxide during the twenty years after its release. This is over four times more than the conventional factor of 25 used in Greenhouse Gas Inventories. “The factor of 25 simply doesn’t reflect reality”, says Poon, and climate scientists agree. Two University of California researchers [1] published a paper in 2015 calculating climate responsibility to be on a par with France, despite us having just half the population; this was mostly because of methane.

“While many individual Greens are vegetarians, the party as a whole either doesn’t understand the science or is too frightened to tackle the sacred cow of the Aussie Barbie.”

The Animal Justice Party sees climate change as a central policy issue which fits nicely with its advocacy of plant based diets. “Kinder and Greener isn’t just a 3 word slogan. it’s a way of life, and it’s available to anybody.”.


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Contacts for comment:
AJP Victorian Lead Senate Candidate, Bruce Poon: 0400 248 226; Email: [email protected]