Young Animal Justice Party Victoria

What is the Young AJP?

We are the new Youth Wing of the Victorian Animal Justice Party. We aim to represent the young animal advocates of Victoria, within the broader Animal Justice Party. The Young AJP is open to all members 29 years and under. 


The future success of the Party, and of animal campaigns, relies on engaging emerging generations in advocating for animals; reigniting faith in the power of change within the political sphere in an increasingly jaded and apathetic demographic.

We believe that empowered, educated and inspired young people are the best hope for animals going forward.

Young AJP Vision

Our vision is a diverse community of young animal advocates, who are empowered to take collaborative and meaningful political action on a wide range of animal issues.

Young AJP Goals

  1. To represent young animal advocates in politics and amplify their voices within the Animal Justice Party and the political arena.
  2. To foster a united and engaged community of Young AJP members who feel heard and supported.
  3. To collaborate with the broader Animal Justice Party in creating and running animal advocacy campaigns.
  4. To equip young people with skills to advocate for animals, by providing education, training and experience for young people in politics.


Contact Us

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Volunteer With Us

  • Social Media Team
  • Events Team
  • Membership Team
  • Advocacy Team

DURATION: Minimum commitment 12 months

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-3 hours a week



  • Young Animal Justice Party Parliament House Tour Feb 2022

    Join us for an unmissable day hanging out with like-minded, young animal advocates.

    We will meet at Parliament House (time to be confirmed), where Andy Meddick MP will take us for a private tour through Parliament House and explain the work he does as the Animal Justice Party's first and only elected representative in the Victorian Parliament.

    Andy is a Torquay local, and since being elected in 2018, has made enormous wins for animals, people and the environment. We will also be joined by superwoman Georgie Purcell - Andy's Chief of Staff and also a member of the Youth Wing!

    Since this is a Parliament sitting day, we'll also be lucky enough to see Andy in action during Question Time.

    Finally, you're invited to join us on the lawns of Parliament House for a (Covid-safe) all-inclusive, vegan catered lunch. Here you can have a yarn with the Young Animal Justice Party team, and get to know other like-minded young people who are united by their passion to create meaningful change for animals and the planet.

    Register below to receive more details and join us for this exciting event.

    NB: This event is open to Animal Justice Party members and supporters aged 29 and under.

    NB: Please note the following security measures apply at Parliament House:

    • Visitors to Parliament House are required to pass through a security checkpoint before entering the building. This involves a walk through scanner and baggage scanning. Visitors with pace makers should ask to be scanned using the hand held scanners.

    • Bags must be left at reception when taking part in a tour or sitting in the public galleries.

    • Anyone wishing to visit the Parliament of Victoria to attend a public tour, use our catering facilities, attend an event or watch the proceedings of the two Houses in the public galleries, must provide their name and address and present one of the following forms of identification:

      • Driver's license
      • Learner's permit
      • Proof of age card
      • Passport
      • Australian birth certificate
      • Australian citizenship certificate